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Download & Install

Windows (32bit)

  • Download the latest binary package routy-0.013-win.zip from the download page.
  • Open the ZIP file and copy (unpack) the folder routy to a location of your choice.
  • Open that folder, click on the executable routy.exe to run it.

Build from source (Windows, Linux, and other POSIX OS)

  • Install the FLTK GUI toolkit. You can use the stable release 1.1.9 or the current snapshot 1.3.x.
  • Download and unpack the latest source package from the download page.
  • Check the CONFIG file and edit it, if the configuration doesn't fit your environment.
  • Run 'make'.
  • There's no 'make install' command. You're free to move the main directory to a proper location manually. ;)

Get maps

Currently, ROUTY displays tiled maps stored locally on your hard drive. A very coarse 'base map' is included both in the binary package and the source package. For testing purposes, it is recommended that you manually download one (or all) of the map packages:

  • Select your sample maps from the map download page.
  • Open each ZIP file and copy (unpack) the folder map into the folder routy where the application ('routy.exe') is stored. (Don't worry that there's already a folder called map that might be overwritten.)
  • Restart ROUTY.

Future versions of ROUTY will download all required map data automatically.


ROUTY doesn't alter your registry. Just delete the folder routy containing all the data and program files.


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