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Release Notes


o.o13 [2oo9-o5-11] :: Download map tiles from OSM: first clumsy approach.

o.o12 [2oo9-o5-04] :: Socket stuff. And lots of win32 sh*t.

o.o11 [2oo9-o4-27] :: Algebra package added.

o.o1o [2oo9-o4-22] :: Display actual scale. Some fine tuning.

o.oo9 [2oo9-o4-o9] :: Geographic coordinates.

o.oo8 [2oo9-o4-o8] :: Improved GUI classes.

o.oo7 [2oo9-o4-o7] :: Custom signal/event manager, new statusline.

o.oo6 [2oo9-o4-o5] :: Zoom function.

o.oo5 [2oo9-o4-o5] :: Faster draw method. Mouse panning.

o.oo4 [2oo9-o4-o1] :: Tile manager. Improvements.

o.oo3 [2oo9-o3-31] :: Even more base structures, draw handler for tiles.

o.oo2 [2oo9-o3-29] :: More base structures.

o.oo1 [2oo9-o3-27] :: Base structures, load tile.

o.ooo [2oo9-o3-24] :: Project launched.

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